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Wormkout | When was the last time a mobile game was able to get you moving?

Fair warning… Don’t read this stuff, it’s a trap full of crap. ;-)

What exactly is Wormkout?

Wormkout is many things and one. If you are patient enough, you can read here about some aspects of it. And if you are not… Well, you can always escape to other sections that might be closer to your purpose of being here.

It’s a word

Wormkout is a combination of two words:


Yeah, I’ve used to be SG fan when I was younger (so many years ago). Leaving science behind for a moment and looking on it just from artistic point of view (I don’t know what art is, but…), wouldn’t it be fun to race through such thing?

I realize current Wormkout has a long way to go, before it will resemble graphics like this or this, but it just might get there (if the community gets big enough and the game won’t be only one man side project anymore).


Nope, I’m not a fitness maniac. Fitness maniacs would probably considered the usage of the word “workout” in association with this game as ironic or even insulting… Anyway, since Wormkout represents an attempt to engage its players in physical movement, I dare to use this word (partially).

It’s a game

Yep, Wormkout is relaxing (well, hopefully) racing game for android devices (port to iOS is planned). Lines above have probably given you some idea what the game is about, but there is still lots of things that should be mentioned. In case you want to see some graphic and action, try the gallery or go directly to download and try it yourself.

Wormkout uses sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) in your device to track the orientation of the device in space, which is necessary for connecting the game with the real world.

If the level path in the game turns left or right, up or down you need to do the same with your device (and consequently with yourself). As you can imagine, such interface engages you physically a lot more than most of current mobile games, where all you do is tapping on the screen or tilting the device.

It’s important to mention that not every device have all required sensors, but this situation improves with every new generation of phones and tablets. If your device don’t have necessary sensors (or if they are broken), there is not much that can be done about it. If you think, you could enjoy physically engaging games (not just Wormkout), remember to check whether your next device will have all required sensors.

Remember that at this point (September 2014) Wormkout is still at its infancy. Don’t judge it by its current look (graphics will change, list of features will grow and the community can choose the direction), but by what it represents…

It’s a symbol

Such fancy expression. We shall see how this part goes. If you want to know more, read the manifesto.

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